Whisky Glass gift set made from an up-cycled whisky barrel
Whisky Glass gift set made from an up-cycled whisky barrel

Triple Whisky Glass Base Set

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There are many ways to drink whisky, from a tumbler, a high ball glass or even straight from the bottle. If you're a whisky conosure then you are probably shuddering in your boots at the very thought of drinking straight from the bottle. Like us you probably believe the taste should be savoured and treated with a high regard, and that is where our Triple Whisky Glass Base Set makes an ideal gift.

Each set has been hand crafted from the stave off a genuine scotch whisky barrel which has been lovingly restored to reveal the beauty of the underlying grain. The base is finished with genuine Harris Tweed inserts that make it a thing of beauty.

Each set comes with two award winning Glencairn whisky glasses and a single water jug. Whisky enthusiasts will know these by their sleek and distinct design that has been manufactured to give the best drinking experience. For those not in the know, the glass was designed with a traditional nosing technique in mind. This is important as many people believe that the smell of a whisky adds to the taste sensation. 

An ideal gift for whisky lovers to enjoy their favourite dram!


Made from a scotch whisky barrel with genuine Harris Tweed inserts.

Due to the nature of the materials used each set is unique, this means that the set you receive won’t be identical to the one pictured, but also no one will ever have a set quite like yours. 

Dimensions: 30cm

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